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Facebook Messenger implementa los efectos 3D ‘World Effects’


Con la intensión de lograr la ventaja ante Snapchat, Facebook Messenger implementará los efectos en 3D. La nueva característica también es conocida como World Effects y será la nueva inclusión de esta red social.

Está claro que Mark Zuckerberg no quiere quedarse atrás y mientras llega, la realidad virtual está aprovechando para lanzar la realidad aumentada en Facebook Messenger, permitiendo así la mejora de la experiencia del usuario.

World Effects

Messaging is more visual than ever, and features like photos, videos, emojis, stickers and GIFs make Messenger the best place for expressing yourself however you want. And with recent improvements – like the ability to send high resolution photos in Messenger – awesome visual messaging has a home in Messenger. It's been almost exactly a year since we introduced the powerful, native camera for Messenger and given that momentous timing, we're excited to introduce today a new feature for visual messaging — World Effects. World Effects technology enables you to drop 3D objects into your surroundings to capture and share fun moments with your family and friends. For example, add a 3D heart floating over someone's head and then try panning your phone's camera from side to side. Or use an arrow to point to an exact object or location in a panorama so your friend knows what you're referring to. Or better yet, add a new fun, celebratory robot to an otherwise every-day setting and spice things up a bit. (Hint: be sure to try the robot out with your phone's volume turned up – the robot plays three different kinds of music!)We're launching a handful of World Effects to people around the world. In addition to the heart, arrow and robot, you can also try playing around with a unicorn plus word bubbles, like “love,” “bae,” “heart” and “miss you.” To add a World Effect, open the Messenger Camera (from your inbox or from inside an existing conversation by tapping the camera icon), and then scroll to choose from the camera effects. Pick an effect and then tap to add it to your image. We hope you enjoy using these early versions of World Effects in Messenger to bring joy and delight to your communications, especially during this holiday time of year as we re-connect with friends and family and maybe even make new connections. As always, let us know what you think!

Posted by Messenger on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

La cámara de la aplicación de Facebook Messenger permite nuevos efectos en realidad aumentada con opciones para incorporar objetos en las fotos y vídeos creados desde la app para “Capturar y compartir momentos divertidos con nuestra familia y amigos”.

World Effects de Facebook Messenger se encontrarán disponibles cada vez que ejecutemos la aplicación. Desde allí podremos mandar un corazón gigante, utilizar la flecha para señalar la ubicación de una persona e incluso mandar canciones como felicitación de cumpleaños.

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